Savage Stories Ep. 5 (EabE Ep. 16 (A Tasty Lie))


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This Set contiains Digital drawings of surreal-anthropomorphic art, which may be disturbing

to some people. If you are under the age of 18 or if your stomach can't take

weird or hardcore fetish stuff, please leave.... now.... really....

no I'm not kidding. It's furry-fetish... really gross.

cool and high quality art, but gross...

The art is also copyrighted by me (Michael Mieczkowski aka Necromuncher)

The pictures in this set are solely for personal use.

Please do not upload any of the pictures without my permission, thank you.

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This set is compressed into a .RAR file, containing 43 pictures and 2 bonus pictures

a vulture voodoo priestess in exile has managed to capture a wolfess from a local village.

wanna know how she manages to trick the wolfess into cooperating? how the proud huntress

becomes a willing meal, even when she (kinda) regrets her decision when landing in a pot with

boiling water, to ultimately end up as a tasty roast AS WELL as a soup?

find it out by purchasing this awesomely detailed picture set :D

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