EabE - Episode 47 Fried Rice in Paradise (Part 1)


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This Set contiains Digital drawings of surreal-anthropomorphic art, which may be disturbing

to some people. If you are under the age of 18 or if your stomach can't take

weird or hardcore fetish stuff, please leave.... now.... really....

no I'm not kidding. It's furry-fetish... really gross.

cool and high quality art, but gross...

The art is also copyrighted by me (Michael Mieczkowski aka Necromuncher)

The pictures in this set are solely for personal use.

Please do not upload any of the pictures without my permission, thank you.


This set is compressed into a .RAR file, containing 62 individual pictures (64 in total)

The Sunny Pearl is a beach restaurant that opened only months ago and is in dire need of some publicity. Sumatra, the sexy, milfy cougar comes to the rescue! or does she?

Sumatra has a new job now as a restaurant critic and journalist, traveling the globe to seek out new restaurants to review. Will her review be good or bad? Or is there something unexpected going to happen?

OF COURSE there will be unexpected stuff going on!

Watch how two waiters get ordered and prepared for a spitroast; one male tiger and one female tucan.

Featuring more story content than usual, with plucking feathers, shaving fur, a handjob, chopped off tails (with no blood spilling), some nice closeups, scewering and of course some beginnings of the roast process!

with 8 characters, a bunch of background models and a whole tropical restaurant, this is one of my biggest projects yet. Part 2 will show the conclusion of the story.

Feel free to tell me what you think of my new character Leilani! :D

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