EabE - Episode 50 Anthropologist gets the Gist


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To buy this product, you need to be at least 18 years old (in some countries 21 years)

This Set contiains Digital drawings of surreal-anthropomorphic art, which may be disturbing

to some people. If you are under the age of 18 or if your stomach can't take

weird or hardcore fetish stuff, please leave.... now.... really....

no I'm not kidding. It's furry-fetish... really gross.

cool and high quality art, but gross...

The art is also copyrighted by me (Michael Mieczkowski aka Necromuncher)

The pictures in this set are solely for personal use.

Please do not upload any of the pictures without my permission, thank you.


This set is compressed into a .RAR file, containing 88 pictures

This picture set has a very long intro, which is why it's so long with 88 pictures but still lower priced. After all, not that many people are buying my stuff just for the story ;)

The first naked character can be found in picture 9

and the first cooking / bondage scene is at picture 45.

The story contains a lot of sci-fi alien tech with some of the more important stuff being explained so it doesn't feel too strange and alien.

It's about a kitty from the northern continent who has never eaten a furry, visiting the tropical vaccation region to try some furry meat for the first time. She gets kidnapped by aliens though and is questioned and fattened up without realizing what's going to happen to her at first.

as her fate starts dawning on her and wishes to go home, it's already too late and the aliens start a simulated camping tour in order to experience and hopefully understand furry cooking better :P

the only "gore" that is involved is in picture 87 when her leg gets bitten.

I've put a lot of thought, work and effort into these alien designs, maybe to prove to myself that I'm capable to produce sexy looking aliens that still look different enough from regular furries. so I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed it creating them :3

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EUR 13.00

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